Welcome to the Housewarming is the fourth episode in the first season of The Neighborhood which was premiered on October 22, 2018.

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Dave and Gemma are throwing a housewarming party, but Calvin says he'd rather attend his monthly darts night at the local bar. The party attendance turns out to be disappointing, so Dave asks for Malcolm's and Marty's help to get the neighborhood more interested.

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  • Gary Anthony Williams a Ernie
  • Malik S. as Trey (credited as Malik S.)
  • Sloan Robinson as Old Miss Kim
  • Danny Brown as Lisa
  • Denny Love as Young Man (credited as Denzel Love)
  • Staci Lynn Fletcher as Lil Hatchet

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • "CP" time stands for colored peoples time. This is said by Tina to Gemma, in relation to the stereotype that black people cannot be on time. However, when Gemma tells Dave she mistakenly thinks it may stand for "Cool People" time.

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